From the creation of a simple logo to a complete visual identity, we are the partner you are looking for.

"The main reason that should lead companies to adopt a deliberate policy and proactive communication is that if they do not have such a policy, they will still communicate, but in a wrong way.”

Based on this reality, 2B Interaktive supports companies in developing their communication strategy. Whether this concerns the corporate strategy or the strategy of a specific operation, Wacan will allow companies to increase their ability to convey their message effectively.
Deliverable: Communication Plan

Area of expression
Set a graphic frame of expression!
This is the objective of Wacan when he was given a consulting assignment in graphical consistency. It will define a set of hierarchical and strategic points such as:
The fonts to use
Codes general and specific colors (e.g. several departments or several types of products)
Establishment of a photo database
Deliverable: Specifications styles
Specific advices
Thanks to its mastery of the complete chain of communication, Wacan can appraise several areas such as:
- Non-media communication / Paper / Corporate Communications
- Non-media/Web communication
- Advertising communication
Deliverable: Book of specific styles

Whether it is to set or transcribe a strategy, communication lines, our agency force is creativity and proposal to help you position yourself.
Message to the image, from the idea to its implementation through appropriate supports, all our talent is at your disposal.
Design, Interface and Graphic chart
Graphic solutions for all:
* Creation or declination of graphic charts
* Creation of Logos
* Creation of interfaces for mobile devices
* Creation of patterns and processes
* Creating of paper supports
With talented Art Directors, our agency offers 2 sensitivities:
Corporate design: Rigor, layout and formatting, traditional publishing rules, educational upgrading your arguments...
Product Design:
Development of products and services, valuation by picture, script and Flash animation...