Website functionality with manageable image gallery
This is the most impressive way to put your photos, works, products or services on the web! The photo gallery is a showcase for presenting your images in a very elegant manner while remaining very easy to use for visitors to your website.
The following features are available so that the experience of each visitor to your website is the most pleasant and convincing as possible.
Navigation between images and categories with stylized animation
Background music available, with ON / OFF function
Image zoom function
Description and Comments pictures
Examples of Flash website with dynamic image gallery:
An administration interface for your gallery allows you to manage the categories and images of your website: add, edit, order, delete categories and images become a breeze.
For example, when an image is added to a category, its thumbnail is automatically created and added to your website in the list of images in the category.
A photo editing tool is also integrated to edit photos before putting them online: resize, crop, rotate, invert ...
The MUST for the presentation of your images on the Internet. This offer is all inclusive and includes a management interface of your high-performance and user gallery.
Website Creation with photo gallery
Dynamic Image Gallery
Management interface the image gallery
Integrated image editing tool
Contact form
Accommodation on pro server
Domain Name Choice
Email Address
Ranking on major search engines (Google ...)
Additional optional features >> see options
No additional monthly cost
Site ownership assigned to the client
If you need additional specific features, Action Plus offers to integrate optional modules to your site. Also, our development team is available for specific needs.