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ICTs Lexicon

  • W3C: The W3C develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to optimize the potential of the Web as a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding.
  • WIM: WAP Identity Module. It ensures the origin, certification and authenticity of the Web applications that could be downloaded on the mobile terminal. The WIM is embedded in the SIM card.
  • WISP: Wireless Internet Service Provider. Providing wireless Internet access (via Wi-Fi).
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many): non-rewritable format incorporating clean technology in cd. WORM is divided into section as a hard drive. It thus has better access times. Not to be confused with the same word meaning "worm" (a type of computer virus).
  • Walled garden (walled garden): Content specifically designed to be only available to some users and generally not available on the Web.
  • WAP (Wireless Application Protocol): A protocol for accessing the Internet by mobile phone.
  • Watermark: Information included invisibly in a video or audio signal to know the origin.
  • WUP (Water Use Permitting): Credit appearing on certain packaging allowing their use as packaging for water or non-aggressive liquid. Plural: WUPS.
  • Web: Short for World Wide Web.
  • Web agency: agency whose activity is linked to the Internet; it may propose building sites, online advertising, SEO, etc.
  • Web call-back: Centers welcoming and dealing with mails or phone calls from consumers.
  • Web call center: telephony solution installed on a web site, with reminders (web call-back) of simultaneous conversations (Web call through) or call via the PC (VoIP, Voice over IP).
  • Web TV: 1 - System for displaying web pages on a TV screen using a special housing. 2 - The web TV term is also used to refer to sites using a live video broadcast type.
  • Webcast: Sending video produced and broadcast on the Internet and based on a method of pull (requests for information system). Opposite: Broadcast.
  • Webcasting: Custom Diffusion and refreshed information on the Internet, driven by the company towards the internet after the mention by him of his interests (Teleobs; airline companies sending mail list of free seats on its flights the next day). Synonym: Single casting.
  • Webmaster: Responsible for a website or relationships with Internet users.
  • Web analytics: Analysis of the behavior of Internet users on a website.
  • Semantic Web: Internet content analysis.
  • Commercial Web: Reportage made on a website.
  • Wiki: From the Hawaiian "wiki-wiki" meaning "quick". Website may be updated quickly and easily by any visitor. By abuse of language, the term refers both to the tools used to create a wiki (wiki engines, in English) that the sites wiki itself.
  • Workflow: Optimized flow monitoring and processing of information.

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