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ICTs Lexicon

  • XML (Extensible Markup Language): data description format based on the HTML language used for structured document interchange on the Internet.
  • Y / C: Also called S-Video. Video signal in which the luminance (Y) and color (C) are separated.
  • YCbCr, YCbCr: Video transmission housing with three components Y (luminance) and blue color difference (Cb) and red (Cr).
  • YUV: Video Transport format with a luminance component and two chrominance component for NTSC and PAL systems.
  • Yetties (Young Entrepreneurs of technologies): Young patrons of the high-tech.
  • ZCLV: Zoned constant linear velocity. Combination of CAV and CLV modes and used in DVD-RAM.
  • Area of influence: View Territory of influence.
  • Catchment area: Service area surrounding a point of sale and in which reside consumers and / or prospects. Two types of data are used to determine it: the distance and access time.

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