Our agency develops solutions enabling companies to transform countless data available to them with useful information and thus gain business agility and decision-making at all relevant levels of the company.

Key tools to address three major challenges:

With expertise that combines advisory capacity and technological expertise, 2B Interaktive is able to design, build and deploy to you innovative decision support systems generally meet three strategic issues:

  • Driving the overall performance of your company, through relevant indicators and dashboards that reflect the evolution of your business
  • Provide operational teams with reliable and useful information for making decisions relevant to the objectives
  • Ensuring data quality, processing, traceability and compliance with internal and external rules.

Web & Information Systems:

One advantage of this type of software, compared to conventional software, is that it requires no installation on your computer. You can use it wherever you are and even from your smartphone or tablet. Web and Information Systems convergence is a reality for 2B Intreaktive.

Interconnection of your site with your information system

More and more often, 2B Interaktive is urged to interconnect the tools developed by the agency, with internal tools (commercial, SAV ...) of the company.
Whether it is to inject orders placed online in the business management system, integrated support requests in the service or to track your online product catalog every night, our developers and experts analyze your system information to recommend you the most suitable and safest solution.